You furry friends will love these Nutty Treats. Bramble thinks they are irresistible. 


We are aware that Bramble is a big girl and that not all dogs are her size with her appetite. The standard size of the sweet is suitable for most dogs. These are very soft and will not cause a choking hazard. However we do also offer a miniature sized version for smaller pets.  


Please note that the standard and small size refer to the size of the chocolates within the box, not the size of the box. You get the same weight of chocolates in each box.


Approximate weight: 360 grams.


Feeding Guidelines:

A complementary pet food for dogs. Treats should be counted as part of your dog’s daily calorific intake. Always ensure there is a bowl of fresh water available. Not suitable for puppies under 3 months or for pregnant bitches. Not suitable for dogs on a special diet.


Composition: Oils and fats, cereals.


Analytical Constituents: Protein 9.7%, Fat Content 59.76%, Crude Ash 0.6%, Crude Fibre 0.6%



They do need to be kept cool or they will melt slightly. The nutty treats contain coconut oil, which will melt at temperatures of 24oC and above so are probably best stored in the fridge.

Nutty Treats