About Us

Bramble is a good girl. We think she’s the best. 


Bramble’s mummy loves to bake and was always baking celebration cakes for the family, whether they have two legs or four. Bramble’s first birthday cake was a doggy friendly carrot cake decorated with mashed potato. I made it and then took it on holiday with us to Devon, which is where we happened to be on her birthday. It didn’t last long. She’s a big girl and eats big girl portions. Just like her mummy, which is why I like to bake for other people! 


We truly believe that our pets are part of the family. We treat ourselves to cakes and biscuits occasionally, so why not treat our furry friends too?  


Here at Bramble’s Bakes we make luxury treats, biscuits and cakes for your furry family. We aim to make them look as appealing to us as they taste to your fur babies. We offer a range of off-the-shelf goodies and a number of personalised treats, all suitable for gifts and special occasions. 


Everything is hand made from scratch with care, in small batches. We do not use any artificial preservatives so everything is made to order. This may mean that it is not the fastest service, but we believe it is worth the wait.  


All the ingredients we use are human grade, but they won’t taste that nice to us because they don’t contain any added sugar. Bramble says they are lovely though. She is chief tester. When she gets very excited her tail doesn’t wag from side to side, it spins round and around like a helicopter blade! We call this her helicopter tail. When she tries a new flavour treat we know we’re onto something when we see the helicopter tail.