Product FAQ

Do you cater for dogs with a specialist diet? 

Unfortunately, no, we do not cater for specialist diets. 

Are your treats suitable for puppies? 

No. All our products are suitable for adult dogs only. 

Some of your recipes refer to chocolate, I thought that dogs were not allowed to eat chocolate? 

Dogs should never eat chocolate. It is extremely toxic to them and can be fatal. Although we refer to chocolate in our products please rest assured that it is all doggy chocolate. None of it is real chocolate and it does not contain cocoa butter. 

I have a nut allergy, are your products free from nuts? 

No. We use peanut butter in many of our products. We also use coconut oil.  

How long do your cakes and biscuits stay fresh for? 

We do not use any artifical preservatives in our products and so they are best eaten when as fresh as possible. Think about a homemade cake that you make at home; this may last a week because the icing seals the cake and there is a high sugar content. None of our cakes or biscuits contain sugar - dogs do not need sugar in their diet and unlike us (well unlike me at least!) they enjoy treats without it.  

If stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, the cakes will last a few days and the biscuits will last a week or so. All product labels do include a best before date. Both can be frozen and will last several weeks. Simply defrost before giving them to your dog. 

Can I personalise cakes? 

Yes. We have different options for personalised cupcakes. Please see our online shop. 

Can I personalise biscuits? 

Yes. We have different options for personalised biscuits. Please see our online shop. 

How can I send you the photos for my personalised cakes? 

Please email them to us at info@bramblesbakes.co.uk quoting your order reference.  

How big are the cupcakes? 

We offer two sizes. Standard cupcakes are baked in a standard 5cm base case. These are aimed at medium and large dogs. We realise that Bramble is considerably bigger than some of her friends and so we also offer mini cupcakes for smaller dogs. These are baked in mini cupcake cases, which have a 3.5 cm base. Please note that all cupcakes are baked in silicone liners and then transferred into paper cases after cooling. This is because the lack of fat in the doggy-friendly cake recipe causes the cakes to stick to the cases (and by stick we mean weld in such a way that even Hercules himself could not release them!)  

How big are the celebration cakes? 

The celebration cakes are 18cm (7”).  

How big are the biscuits? 

This depends upon the product ordered. The details are on the product page in the online shop. 

Do you sell a complete food? 

No. All of our products are intended to be occasional treats and are therefore classed as a complementary feed. We recommend that these are for adult dogs only. As a rule of thumb treats should constitute 10% of your pets diet. If you have any concerns about giving your dog any of our treats, please check with your vet first. 

Are your treats suitable for pregnant bitches?

Some are. The cakes and biscuits are not suitable for pregnant bitches because they contain cinnamon, which can have a stimulating effect on the uterus.