Subscriptions FAQ

Will a gift message be included? 

A gift message can be included in your first item. Simply complete the comments box at the time of ordering. 

Will my items go through the letterbox? 

No. None of our biscuit tins will fit through a letter box. We figure this is safest because we do not want your furry friend accessing their present before you do (and eating it all at once). 

Are there any extra costs? 

No. Everything is included in the price of your subscription. 

Is delivery included? 

Yes. Delivery is included in the price of subscriptions.  

Can I choose my own products for my gift box? 

We have a set contents list for each gift box but if there is something that your pet specifically doesn’t like, we can make an exchange for you. Simply let us know at the time of ordering or email us. We will do our best to accommodate requests.